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“Made in China 2025” Accelerates Demand for Wire, Cable, Tube and
Pipe Application Markets

China is the No.1 producer and consumer of wires and cables in the world. It is expected that the industry income will reach RMB 1,380 billion in 2017 and the annual compound growth rate of the next five years (2017-2021) will be 41.9%, and the income in 2021 will reach RMB 1,640 billion. Meanwhile, the “13th Five-Year” period is a crucial stage for China’s steel industry to seed up its transformation and upgradation. The intelligent, diversified, and flat manufacturing will be realized gradually.

The prospects of wire, cable, tube and pipe application markets:

Automotive Manufacturing

· Chinese automotive wiring harness market
will grow at a CAGR of 8.4%.
· In 2020, China will build 4.8 million automobile
charging stations.
· The trend of automotive tube development:
high strength, light weight.

Energy Network

· "Internet+" smart energy action will bring more
than 5.9 billion US dollars of investment.
· Wind, solar and nuclear power will play an
important role. The nuclear-grade cable
demand from Chinese market will reach
USD 0.16 billion.

Transportation Network

· New construction in the national railway
network is expected to touch 23,000 km.
· Investment in urban subway construction:
367.4 billion US dollars.
· 35kv cable demand is about 5,400 km.

Construction Industry

· Assembling buildings will account for more
than 20% of new buildings.
· Future focus: steel structure construction.
· At present, China's annual consumption of
steel pipes in steel structure construction:
2 million tons.
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As No.1 international wire and cable, tube and pipe exhibition in Asia, wire & Tube China has grown stably and has played a key role in the market with its more than ten years of experience as well as the brand strength of wire & Tube portfolio.

Not only would local enterprises like to attend this fair, but also companies from South East Asia, Europe and America are attracted to wire & tube China. Around 43,000 visitors from 94 countries took part in the last fair. wire & Tube China will establish a valuable communication platform for exhibitors and buyers. We welcome you to attend 2018 event!

Attended Key Buyers at a Glance

* Information from: wire & Tube China 2016

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